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Top 10: Used SUVs for under £10,000 in 2019

You don’t necessarily need a big budget to get your hands on an SUV that will deliver all the capabilities of an off-roader with on-road practicality and comfort. These are the best used SUVs for £10k in 2019.

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Honda CR-V

The fourth-generation Honda CR-V was on sale between 2012 and 2018 and - for £10,000 - you’ve your pick from a range of variants – including the top-of-the-line EX model with Honda’s refined and efficient i-DTEC diesel engine.

Most in this specification, which was available with either an automatic or manual gearbox, will date from around 2012 and have between 50,000-80,000 miles on the clock. Honda’s reputation for excellent reliability means that this shouldn’t be much of a concern, though – but, if age and mileage are important to you, newer versions of less expensive trims are available for similar money.

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Bylane Bill    on 29 August 2017

Great article. All some of us need now is The 10 best SUV's for under £5,000.

HJ Editor    on 29 August 2017

We can do that for you...


   on 24 March 2018

I have a kia sportage 2009 97,000m which is a two wheel drive but switches to a 4x4 if required. However, I don't like it and would ideally like to have a later model but with more, more and more 'things

carper    on 16 July 2018

Thought HID headlights have to be changed under new mot rules?

carper    on 16 July 2018

Thought HID headlights have to be changed due to new mot rules?

Roger Adams    on 13 December 2018

They're fine if they were fitted as standard to the car (in which case they would have been type approved) but if they are aftermarket bulbs fitted to headlamps designed for halogen bulbs then they are illegal - you would have to fit a complete type approved headlight to make them legal or go back to halogen. See www.gov.uk/government/publications/aftermarket-hid...s

bobber    on 12 August 2018

A bit anal perhaps, but I don’t like the fact that the rear indicators on the latest Sportage are set low in the bumper. Not so easy for following traffic to see.

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