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Volkswagen Passat 2001 Road Test

Tue, 16 Jan 2001
2.0 litre 8v petrol: 0-60 11.0 seconds; top speed 124mph; combined mpg 32.8; CO2 emissions 206g/km (auto 233g/km)
1.8 litre 20v petrol turbo: 0-60 9.0 seconds; top speed 137mph; combined mpg 34.0; CO2 emissions 199g/km (auto 233g/km)
1.9 litre TDI PD 100bhp: 0-60 12.2 seconds; top speed 119mph; combined mpg 51.4; CO2 emissions 149g/km (auto 186g/km)
1.9 litre TDI PD 130bhp: 0-60 9.7 seconds; top speed 129mph; combined mpg 48.7; CO2 emissions 154g/km (auto 194g/km)
2.3 litre V5 170bhp: 0-60 8.7 seconds; top speed 142 mph; combined mpg 29.7; CO2 emissions 228g/km (auto TBA)
2.5 litre TDI V6 150bhp: 0-60 9.4 seconds; top speed 137mph; combined mpg 40.4; CO2 emissions 189g/km (auto 219g/km)
2.8 litre V6 4Motion: 193bhp: 0-60 7.6 seconds; top speed 148mph; combined mpg 26.2; CO2 emissions 259g/km (auto 271g/km)

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