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Smart Road Tests

Why do all small cars have to be so boringly the same? Polo, Fiesta, Yaris, Mazda 2, Clio, 206. They’ve all got an engine in the front and three or five doors. And they’re all basically boxes.
Fri, 27 Jun 2003
It seems to have taken Forever to arrive, but the SMART Forfour is finally here. And, as predicted, it's already got the public pointing.
Sat, 18 Sep 2004
A Smart ForTwo isn’t much good for a family with children. Step in the ForFour – it’s still small and nimble, but it has the advantage of an additional pair of seats.
Tue, 12 Jan 2016
The Forfour is now available with Electric Drive giving it a range of 96 miles. But this is far short of the competition. So is it still a good buy?
Fri, 24 Feb 2017
It seems like only a few years ago, but the first Smart City Coupes actually hit the streets in 1998 and since then no less than 770,000 have been sold worldwide. Now it's time for the Smart ForTwo Mark II.
Fri, 09 Feb 2007
Smart is back. The new Fortwo continues the 'small on the outside, big on the inside' concept but is much improved all around.
Tue, 11 Nov 2014
Guest Test of 2009 Smart ForTwo diesel by Martin Gurdon.
Fri, 02 Oct 2009
The sensible, yet fun Smart ForTwo electric drive cabrio arrives in the UK in July. just in time to enjoy the rest of the summer. HJ drives in 35 degree heat.
Fri, 23 Jun 2017
Smart ForTwos have been around for years. At first, enterprising independents KSB (www.ksb.co.uk) started importing them.
Mon, 22 Oct 2001
The Smart Roadster is a gorgeous little toy really. Ever since I went to Berlin in August 2002 for the unveiling I’d been looking forward to the launch of this car.
Thu, 30 Jan 2003
I’ve already driven higher-spec LHD and RHD Smart Roadsters and Roadster Coupes. The basic concept is the same as the 1958 Healey Sprite, which was a very basic car. So this time I’m driving the most basic version of the Smart Roadster: the Roadster Light.
Wed, 04 Aug 2004
The Smart Roadster is a gorgeous little toy. The first time I saw a Smart Roadster was at the unveiling in Berlin in Summer 2002, and I couldn’t wait to drive one.
Wed, 03 Sep 2003

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