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Jaguar F-Pace 2016 Road Test

Length: 4731 mm

Width (not including mirrors): 1936 mm

Width (including mirrors): 2175 mm

Height: 1652 mm

Wheelbase: 2874 mm

Front overhang: 834 mm

Rear overhang: 1023 mm

Ground clearance fully laden: 213 mm

Breakover angle: 17.7 degrees

Departure angle: 26 degrees

Wading depth: 525 mm

Trunk capacity: 650 litres (with tyre repair system)

Trunk length behind rear seats: 1030 mm

Trunk length: 1800 mm

Trunk width between arches: 1050 mm

Trunk width behind arches (for golf clubs, etc): 1260 mm

Trunk height: 770 mmmm

Front legroom: 1024mm

Front headroom: 1007 mm

Front headroom panoramic roof: 961 mm

Front shoulder width: 1465 mm

Rear legroom: 945 mm

Rear headroom: 977 mm

Rear headroom panoramic roof: 952 mm

Rear shoulder width: 1417 mm

Kerb weight: from 1665 kg (2.0D FWD manual) to 1,884kg (3.0D)

Maximum towing weight: 2000kg (2.0D FWD); 2400kg (2.0D AWD; 3.0D AWD; 3.0 S/C AWD)

Turning circle: 11.87 metres kerb to kerb

Fuel tank: 60 litres (2.0D); 66 litres (3.0D); 63 litres (3.0 S/C)

Adblue tank: 17 litres


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