The Sub-100g/km Club

Annual vehicle tax can be a significant part of a car’s running costs. The rate of road tax or, to give it its official name, Vehicle Excise Duty, is determined by a car’s CO2 emissions. The lower the CO2 emissions the less you have to pay.

Some cars offer the first year free, but incur a charge thereafter. But others, if the CO2 is low enough, allow owners to renew the VED free of charge year after year. The current threshold for that is 100g/km and a surprisingly high number of cars now qualify.

Changes to VED bands in 2017: What it means for you

Top 50: Cars in tax band A | Top 50: Cars in tax band B | Top 25: Cars in tax band C

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Citroën C3

CO2 emissions from 87g/km

The C3 might live in the shadow of the DS 3, but Citroen still cars about it. This is evident from the new engines it has started installing recently, including BlueHDI diesels with emissions of below 100g/km and impressive performance.

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