Real MPG goes mobile with all-new Honest John iPhone app

Calculate your car’s fuel consumption costs with the Real MPG app. Free to download and easy to use, the Real MPG app calculates your car’s fuel consumption over time so you can keep check on how your car is performing. It will also rate your Real MPG against its official stated figure and other owners of the same model.

Download it for free from the App Store now 

Search ‘Real MPG’ or click here on your iPhone: Real MPG app Real MPG app features

  • Store multiple cars and view the fuel economy history and statistics for each one

  • Store fill-up details and track your fuel economy over time

  • Compare your car’s Real MPG score with other owners

  • Compare your cars Real MPG performance with the national average

  • Share your results on Facebook and challenge your friends to beat your score

What is Real MPG?

Real MPG is a real world fuel economy register with more than 100,000 MPG submissions from our readers. Unlike official fuel consumption figures, Real MPG uses real life comparative data to show car owners and buyers how much on-the-road fuel a vehicle uses – so you can make accurate predictions as to how much fuel you will use and be better prepared as to how much that will cost. 


Peter Br    on 2 February 2017

It would be great if you can provide an app for android and windows smartphones.

Peter Br    on 2 February 2017

Can we have an app for android and windows smartphones please. Ta. Peter

Roger Green    on 6 February 2017

When you going to have an Android version of this app please?

   on 3 March 2017

Is this going to be available on Android?

steelghost    on 3 March 2017

When should I expect the Android version? :)

steelghost    on 3 March 2017

When do we expect the Android version?

missionary    on 14 April 2017

I have downloaded to my iPhone 5s but it will not register my ID entries. I have tried a couple of email addresses and a couple of variants on my name. Each time I go back to the login it tells me that I am not a registered user.

What am I missing please ?

missionary    on 14 April 2017

I have downloaded this to my iphone 5s but it will not register my details even though I have tried a couple of email addresses and variants of my name.

What am I doing wrong please?

Furrybiker    on 30 September 2017

Why not a mass market android app as well as a niche iPhone one?

   on 21 October 2017

My overall mpg on my Zafira 1.6 diesel is currently 57 mpg, with quite a high proportion of short distance driving , almost 50/50 long short. I can get well over 60 mpg on long runs. My overall mpg on my 1.7 litre Zafira was better at 59 mpg average , on a higher mileage engine.

Colin Marrow    on 4 February 2018

Sounds very useful. Do you have any plans for an Android version?


Fraser Horn    on 23 January 2020

Any update as to whether you will be making an Android app?

Phil of Cilcain    on 20 April 2021

Where is the Android version?

Tricky Dicky 69    on 10 May 2021

How many people does it take to ask for an Android version before they get an answer. Its over three years since first request. And no response. Worse than government in answering questions! Truly shocking.

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