Christmas Gift Guide 2016: Top 10 driving games

Almost every household has a games console or gaming PC of some description these days – and anyone with children will be familiar with the incessant requests for new games around Christmas. So we’ve rounded up out 10 favourite driving games. Click the gallery pictures to see a trailer for each game.

You can read about our favourite driving games of all time here, or enter our mega Christmas competition here.

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GTA V (PC, PS4, Xbox One) - £40

While the single player mode in Grand Theft Auto V has a well-crafted story and excellent gameplay, it’s the multiplayer that keeps players coming back. The missions and races are addictive, while the constant drip-feed of virtual money means there is always a new car on the horizon to buy, modify and add to the collection.

The vehicle physics are great, treading the fine line between believable and enjoyable, accessible handling – plus the list of vehicles is huge. There are motorbikes, trucks, aircraft and – obviously – cars. It might not be a true driving game, but it puts many purpose-designed racers look rubbish in comparison.

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