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Subaru Impreza III 2008


1.5 R 5dr Hatchback

reviewed by chasb on 20 May 2010
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it is an underpowered supercar

the handling, stability and poise of this car are a revelation....why has it taken me so long to discover subarus
it is however thirsty and woefully underpowered though perversely there is great satisfaction to be had from keeping it wound up
the styling is grim but everything you need is there and the climate control and cd stacker are welcome for only 14k
the auto gearbox is odd but engaging and the seats etc are very comfortable.
i bought it because we live at the top of a steep country hill but have not yet had a chance to try out the awd.
interesting to compare it with a saab 900 i once had. both manufacturers had an aircraft making heritage and both make or in saabs case made, odd and slightly mad cars which one grows to admire. i am actually getting very fond of this subaru for its superb grip and handling in tight corners as well as its sheer oddness

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Road TaxG–M
MPG24.6–47.9 mpg
Real MPG92.8%

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