Renault Twizy (2012 on)


Coupe Dynamique Auto Excludes battery 2dr

reviewed by Daryl Howe on 24 September 2020
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Brilliant fun car

Firstly context, we are a 60 year old couple with two cars who live in Guernsey, small island in the channel. I love cars and had seen a rare few Twizys around in the UK and was always curious, they look fun, quirky and of course electric. Buying or even test driving one when contacting Renault was difficult, poor customer service and as they are rare even Renault are pretty unhelpful.
Anyway I found one, a one year old, 650 miles on clock barely driven, loved the test drive and bought one. We have had it just two months and now it’s our car of choice to drive! Forget the luxury of BMW etc.
It’s very easy to drive, just literally point and go. Steering and road holding very impressive. My one driving minor moan would be a sticky handbrake which means it’s easier to left foot break on steep uphill starts but that trivial.
It’s incredibly easy to park at 2.3 m length and you need no door space to get out as the doors slide upwards. The reality is no matter how busy the place is you will find a space. There is something very satisfying about knowing you are driving an electric car, no car tax, a couple of quid to recharge. The car shows 45 miles range fully charged, Renault claim it will do 60 miles and I believe them as it recharges during breaking or downhill. I can set off do a 5 mile drive and still show the same range of 45 miles at the end.
Practically would I drive it on the motorway., no, but it’s perfect for urban about town driving. The second seat in the back is fine for short journeys, I am 5’9” and half an hours travel is as much as you would want to do. Also as you have to sit with legs apart around the front seat, you are not going to take your wife out in a cocktail dress in it.
If it matters you get lots of attention and people talk to you as you park. It makes people smile.
Driving with no windows was great for the driver but windy for the rear passenger. Now in late September it’s 12c we have put the Renault windows in and it’s fine. It’s never going to be luxurious but then that’s what it is.
So if you can spare under £10k and buy one of these I would be very surprised if you don’t find yourself driving this at every opportunity. It’s just fun and makes me smile :)

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reviewed by 101repairs on 24 February 2013

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