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Luxgen Luxgen7 SUV



reviewed by Tage on 19 December 2011
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Excellent technology and quality car but very high fuel consumption in city driving 11MPG!

The car is built solid and excellent craftmanship attention to every details and good powered engine
Fuel economy is terrible driving in the city about 11MPG this may be an engine turbo mapping problem or a gear ratios that has to be shortened since it indicates always up to 3rd gear that it is consuming 19.9L/100km so LUXGEN has to follow up asap and do a firmware fixing this for all users via the THINK?. On the highway at 50mph you get 25mpg but at 75mph with cruise control you only get 18mpg. I guess that is why LUXGEN doesnt show the fuel consumption in the specs sheet or its website.
It handles like a race car with very precise direction and cornering and suspension over holes
Air conditioning is great and all controls are well placed and solid feeling
Dont see the use or need for the third row of seats only midgets fit there so it would be better use to remove them and have it as luggage space.
The front seats need more padding and to be a little larger for 1.80m high drivers
The THINK computer is great and it has good visibility including the Night Vision except that the Owner's Manual doesnt include Bluetooth configuration nor the 3.5G integrated modem nor does it comes with high sensitivity GPS (SIRF-III) installed nor did it came with electronic version of manuals installed on the THINK
Strangely such an highly electronically oriented car doesnt come with engine oil life nor tire pressure monitoring systems integrated to the THINK display, nor does the Diagnostic shows information about the car components, it only states a very short "no malfunctions detected"
The rear view mirror is too high and too close to the driver head, needs to be moved about 10cms and lowered about 5cms to be viewed more easily
The windshield is too clear, needs to be tinted and UV treated to shield the driver from the sun glare
No all weather vinyl contoured floor mats or cargo mats are offered as accessory so if you work in snow or mud or sandy areas be ready to improvise a solution in order not to get the carpet dirty
FM radio reception is poor no more than 25km even though the manual indicates 40 to 48km

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