Audi A4 (2005 - 2008)

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2.0T FSI Avant Estate LHD

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Enjoyable to drive with a nice quality feel

Owned the 2.0 Petrol FWD, manual, BGB engined avant since May, 2012. The car has the Prosport packet which I believe has a lower ride height and sport chassis than standard. The 2.0 litre turbo engine is not as quick initially as my old Aero 93 as the torque comes kicking in quite late through the rev's, however, it is rapid enough and not unpleasant. On start up the engine sounds quite rattly, however, I understand that that is caused by the FSI engine design. Cabin is a very pleasant place to be in. No creaks or groans from the plastic, however, the glove box is annoyingly slow to open and the hinges will break easily if forced. The Concert cd radio is more than adequate for my ears. The annoying storage box above the handbrake has a broken hinge, which I understand is very common....and 62 quid to replace! can just push it back or remove the lid if it's annoying you.
Driving wise it is very comfortable nice feel through the steering wheel and very light at slow speeds which is great for those 3 point turns....the cabin is quiet enough despite running on 17's. The gearchange is ok, but can be a bit notchy at times an clutch action is very light and smooth.
Luggage space is good but it certainly no Mondeo....but adequate enough....still getting used to the low roof after coming down from the Rav4.
Things to look out for.Make sure the cambelt change has been done...think it's 5years or 180,000kms. If your engine bay doesn't appear to have a scuttle plate..don't panic!... the water off the windscreen is suppose to empty via the drain holes at the bottom of the batterycompartment.The drain holes can be prone to blocking and you'll find the water appearing in your front passenger foot wells. Also check for rust, although Audi's paintwork is notorious for being good and has a hard finish, I have noticed rust appearing on the underside of the front wheel arches and one of the door skins after stone chip damage. Coil packs are suppose to be quite fragile and engines have an alledged thirst for far I have not seen any evidence of this ...and I have covered 3000 plus km's since purchase. Think it may be heavy on front tyres and as a precaution I changed the front pads and discs, as they looked a bit dodgy.
Economy, well I was driving a Rav4 petrol before and the fuel ecomomy on the Avant is an improvement. It appears to be very good on long motorway journeys and thirstier in town driving as you might expect....but I am pretty sure it lives up to it's official figures 0.78Litres for every 10km's. I stay away from Audi dealers unless for parts due to being out of warranty and high mileage and use independents for any labour. So far, been a nice experience but aware of potential's a 7 year old car c'mon!

Update: 11th July, 2012 replaced the diverter valve ( blow off valve ) which may have been the reason for the feeling that the engine was a bit slow. Cost £60 from AUDI and half an hour to fit in a garage. The diverter valve has been modified as the original was prone to failure. I found mine had rips and tears in the valve skirt. Also, moved away from long service oil changes to time and distance, now using 5w 40 fully synthetic Castrol.....keep you posted on this.

Update 18/08/2012 - Now driven nearly 8k Miles since purchase, current mileage: 186,000km's.
After a strange incident of what can only be described as severe "pinking" from the engine which couldn't be explained, I have now switched to 98 ( shell v power ) as opposed to 95 with no issues now. I have unfortunately noticed slight bubbling of the paintwork above the rear bumper line on both sides. So please make sure you check paintwork on 2005 / 2006 vintage around the wheel arches and bumper lines. Apart from that and the above it's been fine....Touch wood.

Update 03/12/2012
Car now covered 193,000kms, ( 21,000kms since May ) and no issues with engine pinking since switching to 98. Car has been running well, had to change the thermostat but other than that it has only needed fuel and an oil and filter change....flew passed it's Swedish mot and they are reasonably thorough here...treated it to new plastic courtesy of ABT. Now driving on studded winter tyres and ugly bonnet bra to stop the gravel smacking the bonnet and windscreen. Starts first time in temperatures down to -17c! Does benefit from and engine heater and is covered at nights though. Drives very well in the ice and snow for a front wheel drive car.

Update 03/03/2013
Car now at 199,000 kms No issues to report and no problems except had to replace battery. Been tracking the fuel economy using and the car appears to be returning an average of 9.1Lt per 100kms. I have been very pleased with how the car performs during the Winter. I expected to have issues in the deep snow and ice with a fwd car, however, it drives very well and you there's good feeling of contact through the wheel when driving in rough / difficult road surfaces.

Update 25/07/2013
Car now on 207,600 kms ( 130,000 miles approx ). ***Replaced the cam follower. Was pleased so see little wear on the old part. This needs to be looked at. ***Very Important*** Replaced front and rear discs with Zimmerman discs and pads. The Mintex front discs fitted less than a year ago did not perform well and became warped and had to go. Replaced lower engine snub mount with oem part. Replaced wheels with OEM RS4 19" with Kumho tyres. Had the engine remapped using MTM Stage 1 via Dahlbäck Racing. Car driving well with no other issues to report.

Update 15-09-2013 - 212,500kms
Replaced the Positive crankcase ventilation valve ( PCV ) when I noticed revs were hunting and found difficulty in removing the oil filler cap at idle. Also, traced the small oil leak which has been getting heavier.... from the Oil Vacumn Pump at the the rear of engine. Both common faults with the 2.0t engine. The OVP is going to be pricey (£200 part ) and an hours labour to replace. Car driving well with these exceptions. 213,000kms BTW the leak isn't that bad and unsure if it is actually the OVP. Car sailed pass it's MOT this week with no remarks. Car driving well with no issues

Update 24-01-2014 - 223,000kms (138,5k Miles )
Apart from seat air bag light warning on the dash and an overly noisy V belt tensioner the car had been running well through the Winter. Had a full engine service done; timing belt, water pump, v belt tensioner,. all plugs, filters, oil and glykol. Just over 6 hours labour! Ouch!! But worth it. The car is running sweet. Had a look at the old air and cabin filters and they were all in very good condition and really didn't need replacing and they were all done in July, 2012.

Update 16-08-2014 - 236,000 ( 146k Miles )
No major issues to report other than fractured water pipe leading to rear wiper at the hatch door ( quite common ) Car running well with no issues. Rust on bodywork is escalating but nothing can be done and it is beyond economical repair at this stage. Airbag light was fixed. Problem caused by worn cable running under passenger seat ( common issue ) Replaced blown rear offside-indicator. bulb. Fresh oil and filter and only minute fragments of swarf collected on the Dimplex magnetic sumplug.
Update 29-08-2014 - 237,000 kms Car passed Swedish mot without remark.

Update 30-01-2015 - 247,500 kms ( 153.7k miles )
No major issues to report And no warnings shown on diagnostic check. Oil and filter change only required.

Update 22-07-2015 - 260,000kms (161.5 Miles )
No major issues except replacement of rear lamda O2 sensor.

Update: 30-07-2016 - 285,000kms ( 177k Miles )
Sold the car to a dealer who resold it 24hrs later. Needed a replacement rear disc, replacement front windscreen and MOT. The most reliable and fun car I have ever owned. Sad to see it go.

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