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Our Cars: Renault Koleos 2.0 dCi 175 4WD

16 July 2018: HJ’s Renault Koleos Goes Topless

The Details

Current Mileage 12,001
Claimed Economy 50.4mpg
Actual economy 40.52mpg
Real MPG 41.1mpg

More apologies, this time for banging on about a single feature.

But the Koleos has the best skylight I’ve ever sat beneath, in any car, anywhere.

I usually open them, get my ears torn off by the buffeting. Then shut them and leave them shut.

But in Britain’s Summer of 2018 I had to give it a go. And, after finding it didn’t buffet at all, right up to (ahem) mph, I found myself opening it at every opportunity, even driving 300 miles with fresh air and diesel fumes flying over my head and not into the back of the car.

The test is to put your hand up at the inside rear edge of the open roof and feel for anything coming in. Nothing was. The reason seems to be the clever, castellated wind deflector that pops up when you open the roof.

Renault Koleos LT Sunroof Deflector

Actually much more effective then the pop-up flyscreen you usually get, and we got on the new Honda CR-V top model. That made quite a racket, whereas in the Koleos I was able to listen to the entire World Cup final on Radio 5 live during a 300-mile drive south.

Doesn’t seem to have affected fuel economy either. Over the last 1,100 miles mostly with the roof open, it’s been averaging 41.6 mpg, which is actually 1mpg better than the overall average to date.

Renaukt Koleos LT Barnsdale Bar 15 July 2018

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16 July 2018: HJ’s Renault Koleos Goes Topless
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