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Our Cars: Renault Koleos 2.0 dCi 175 4WD

10 September 2018: HJ gets his Renault Koleos involved in some dirty business.

The Details

Current Mileage 15,179
Claimed Economy 50.4mpg
Actual economy 40.98mpg
Real MPG 41.3mpg

How do you turn a posh SUV into a truck capable of carrying wet and muddy garden waste to the tip without making a mess of the car?

The answer leapt out at me in Wickes.

It’s called a Hippo Bag. One of those big strong yellow recycled plastic bags, in my case 1,800mm x 900mm x 700mm, that cost £12.95.

You’re supposed to fill them up, then call in the Hippo people who will, at vast expense, take them away. 

But it just so happens that, folded in a certain way, they make a brilliant SUV liner.

Renault Koleos LT Mega Bag Empty

If you trap the two forward handles in the rear door shuts they stay in shape while you load all manner of twigs, branches, creepers and soggy old bags of degraded weeds into them.

Renault Koleos LT Garden Rubbish

Far better, I learned, to treat it as a liner than to use it as a bag. Unload the garbage from the car armful by armful rather than drag the bag to the rubbish skip.

Renault Koleos LT Mega Bag 2 Full (1)

Best £12.95 I’ve spent in a long time.

Apart from that, the Koleos continues to soldier on manfully. It seems to have become looser and quicker as the miles piled on, and a little bit more economical. I’m regularly seeing a genuine 43mpog these days, which has brought the average over 12,852 miles to 40.98.

The chunky 225/60 R18 Kumho Crugen tyres hammer out ruts and potholes, while providing a fine ride and sticking like Gorilla glue on corners. Doesn’t matter whether it’s in 4WD or 2WD, it hangs on tenaciously and predictably so, even though the steering is a bit slow, it’s actually full of feel and completely trustworthy. On a twisty road it can even leave a Range Rover Sport scratching its head.

Not really surprising because if the Range Rover Sport has a 180HP Ingenium diesel under the bonnet, it’s no more powerful than the Renault. And, though it may feel sportier, it doesn’t go round corners any quicker.

Renault Koleos LT M25 Hold -ups 25-2-2018

Finally, time for a little more praise of the brilliant satnav. It’s so good I treat it as an instrument. I can scroll across to find clearer roads or where I’m going to run into a jam, and use intuition as well as the better routes it suggests to pilot my way down the length of the country. On a Sunday heading South I usually fork off the M25 at J13, then head for Staines and use The Causeway rather than sit in the jam approaching Junction 12. But if the satnav doesn’t tell me to do that, it will be right. The time taken to get home staying on the M25 will be less than the time it takes to go via Staines.

I’m going to miss that.

My Koleos seems to have dropped £10,000 from list in its first year and I’m seeing 2.0DCI Dynamique S Nav 4WDs from £21,000, so it could be a good time to grab a nearly new.

I know what’s going to happen. The public will finally wake up to what a great car the Koleos is for the money. Then find because so few were sold new there simply aren’t any left.

Renault Koleos LT Parked Rear End Out


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