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Our Cars: Mazda6 2.2 D SE-L Auto

17 December 2013: Mazda 6 Nears 13,000 Miles

The Details

Current Mileage 12,942
Claimed Economy 58.9mpg
Actual Economy 49.00mpg
Service Cost £222.42
Replacement Tyre Cost £254.50

Another long trip North has pulled the Mazda's mileage up to almost 13,000, and Christmas should see it top 14,000.

The colder weather, some horrible traffic jams and a few shorter runs have seen the economy dip to around 49mpg and, for the first time, I saw the DPF in action on a run back from Cliveden (photo) to Weybridge on a foggy morning.

However I drove, the engine was fuelling at the rate of 20-30mpg for more than 5 miles so I guess that the DPF had not taken too kindly to a monster traffic jam on the A308 past Staines the night before (10th December).

(Does anyone know what that was all about? Because, having been stuck almost solid for 45 minutes, the traffic suddenly freed up with no visible sign of what has caused the hold-up.)

The car remains beautifully smooth to drive and one of the nicest aspects of this is the steering.

It's precisely the right ratio for the car, meaning that you rarely have to shuffle the wheel and it has a delightful 'feel' and fluidity that has become rare in these days of electric power steering systems. Even the wheel itself is the right thickness and a pleasure to hold.

Performance remains entirely adequate, largely due to the 380Nm torque that's nicely spread through the limited rev range. And, though it lacks paddles, the nudge shift has a nice, oily precision to it that makes tackling bends very satisfying.

Nothing more to tell you at this stage. Next report in January.

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