Our Cars: Kia Sorento KX-3 2.2 CRDi

When some motoring publications profess that some high-performance estate car or other is 'all the car you'll ever need', they're missing some very important customers.
The Sorento isn't short of gadgets. But we've found one or two could be more trouble than they're worth.
After a two-week break away from the Sorento it felt like getting behind the wheel of a sportscar. Find out why.
The dull winter weather hasn't been lifted by the Sorento's sober paint colour. But we found out there aren't too many choices.
The ringing in our ears has finally stopped after finding the source in the tool kit under the the boot floor.
The overall quality of the Kia Sorento is impressive. Apart from a metallic vibration somewhere in the rear passenger compartment.
Our Kia Sorento puts in some long distance drives during its first few weeks on our test fleet. Find out how it has fared.
Simon takes delivery of the new Kia Sorento which he'll spend the next six months with. Will the big SUV justify its £36k price tag?

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