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11 October 2011: Winter Tyres On Today

I know it was 20 degrees today.

But I had a bit of time, so I thought I'd get on with the job of fitting the winter wheels and Michelin Alpin tyres.

The job went like a dream. No hitches. No problems. (I'd already made sure the alloys and hubs would separate.) Remembered that the tyres are directional, so made sure the arrows pointed the right way.

I was a little put out to discover that the special bolts for steels I'd paid £4 each for were exactly the same as the ones that had held on the alloys. So I re-used the the bolts already on the car, together with the lock-nuts.

Something like 30 minutes later, job done. Put the alloys in my lock-up. And took the FIAT round the block rto see how it would feel on its new boots.

A little bit better, actually. The ride certainly improved.

And I think it looks quite good with naked black steel wheels. Just like FIAT 500s in winter in Switzerland.

I'll report how it gets on in the snow when we get some.

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HJ's FIAT 500 spends most of its life locked away in a garage, kept in case it's ever needed. Well, last week it was needed.
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11 October 2011: Winter Tyres On Today
Took the opportunity of a mild day to get the winter wheels and tyres fitted.
HJ's FIAT 500 finally gets to use its cold weather tyes.
HJ goes looking for snow in his Fiat 500.
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My company bought the car for me in March 2008 for £9,470, including side bump strips and Italian Tricolor side stripes. Because it emits 119g/km of CO2 I was immediately able to write down 100% of the purchase price.

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