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13 July 2012: FIAT 500 Turns 17,000 miles

The Details

Current mileage 17,234
Recent mpg 53.1 (meter)
Overall mpg 48.45 (calculated)
Tyre tread depth remaining
Front o/s 5mm
Front n/s 5mm
Rear o/s 5.5mm
Rear n/s 6mm

The FIAT has been busy recently, having done more than 3,000 miles since its 4 year service in April.

It's still proving amazingly comfortable on long runs, and decently economical with the warmer weather bringing typical 52 - 55mpg averages.

Tyre wear hasn't been bad either. The standard Michelin Energy Savers were off for about 1,000 miles over the winter, so have actually done about 16,100 miles. Yet, with 5mm remaining on the fronts and 5.5 and 6mm on the rears, they should be good for at least 30,000 miles total.

Part of that is probaby due to fact it's best to try to keep the car as upright as possible through the corners, ensuring relatively even tyre wear. The straightest route through a corner is not only the quickest, it's also the most economical if you keep constant speed and, of course, it results in the least tyre wear.

But it will soon be time for the lock-up again because 'my' BMW 328i arrives on 25th July and that will be doing the lion's share of my transportation over the next couple of months.

51 month test video here.

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HJ's 'spare' FIAT 500 doesn't get out much and barely covers 500 miles a year. Now approaching its 11th birthday it sailed through its MoT, got treated to a service and also a new set of Continental AllSeasonContact tyres.
After a mammoth 1,248 miles, HJ's FIAT 500 gets its 8th Annual Service
HJ's FIAT 500 spends most of its life locked away in a garage, kept in case it's ever needed. Well, last week it was needed.
After not quite 400 miles over the last year, HJ's 'spare' Fiat 500 goes in for its annual service and MoT.
Another year and my 2008 FIAT 500 has spent almost all of it locked up in a lockup, emerging only for 30 mile runs to charge the battery.
13 July 2012: FIAT 500 Turns 17,000 miles
HJ's FIAT has been busy recently and has now covered 17,234 miles
FIAT 500 on 15,000 mile tyres complately unfazed by torrential rain on the motorway.
Honest John's little used 500 gets its fourth year service and MoT and in that time nothing at all has gone wrong with the little Fiat.
Took the opportunity of a mild day to get the winter wheels and tyres fitted.
HJ's FIAT 500 finally gets to use its cold weather tyes.
HJ goes looking for snow in his Fiat 500.
HJ cleans his paintwork then coats his 500 with Autoglym High Def wax
Fiat 500 starts its Winter Tyre test.
Winter wheels arrive, winter tyres ordered.
FIAT 500 gets some winter tyres on its winter rims, and turns in a summer fuel economy of 56.2mpg.
Most recently I've had the opportunity to compare my 500 with the new, super-eco TwinAir version. On paper the TwinAir is much better, but what's the reality?
During my second year with the little Fiat 500 I drive the newer 500C cabriolet and the hot Abarth 500, both of which had their suspension improved over my older model.
My company bought the car for me in March 2008 for £9,470, including side bump strips and Italian Tricolor side stripes. Because it emits 119g/km of CO2 I was immediately able to write down 100% of the purchase price.

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