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Top 10 toughest places to take the driving test

If you're booking your driving test then you'd be forgiven for thinking that the location of the test doesn't matter a great deal. Yet, according to data from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) the location can mean the difference between a pass or a fail.

Here are the 10 test centres with the lowest driving test pass rates in the UK

The 10 easiest places to take your driving test in the UK based on pass rate

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Wanstead, London

Pass rate: 32.3 per cent

Wanstead is home to one of the busiest driving centres in London, with 9000 tests taking place here every year. Sadly for the vast majority, this suburban area of north east London is filled with problems, with only 32.3 per cent of learners achieving their driving ambitions. One of the biggest failure hotspots is the Charlie Brown roundabout, with learners struggling with its layout and heavy, London-bound traffic. 


Fair-Ray    on 10 July 2017

Maybe it's the Barnett testers themselves who need to sit a retest for testers. That's such a poor pass rate something is clearly wrong.

Engineer Andy    on 11 July 2017

This list isn't really a surprise to me, given that driving on very busy roads in major cities, with the added headache of more pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists (especially couriers, who often ignore road signs [even one way streets1] and traffic signals [running red lights when pedestrians/cars are crossing in front) on top.

I learned in the Edgware/Stanmore/Hendon area of North London, which is also near the Police training school at Hendon, and as such (I was told this by my instructor) examiners are much more strict than in other areas. Traffic etc as mentioned above was nasty around the 'high street' areas and junctions of major roads (such as the A1, A5 and A41).

Chery    on 17 July 2017

I have a lot of difficulties in driving a car that you have tested before and only you can not. The skills of doing homework as well as how not to fail when practicing.

R L Nunn    on 20 July 2017

I took my test in Devon and you'd think it would be easier than driving in a city but I was wrong. Tractors, blind junctions, high hedges, cow s***, etc. but no motorways and only a few dual carriageways. It could be that London testers are trying to prevent people from driving or maybe they get a cut from the driving schools who charge such ridiculous prices for lessons.

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