VIDEO: Volkswagen California T6 - the joy of the camper van

Published 05 October 2018

The T6 generation California is by every measure the best camper van ever made - but you'll pay for it. About £60,000-plus. Ouch. 

Worth it? Watch the review by clicking play above and let us know what you think...


tony123456789    on 8 October 2018

When this 'toy' grows up it might be a suitable replacement for my adult Hymer.

Pat Bell    on 8 October 2018

Refreshingly watchable, could have started me saving though really want a Merc to be entirely honest, especially as the relative cost difference is mentioned.. love the style very much though guys.

Ron Burgundy    on 9 October 2018

The rattle was from the slide-out table. Mine does it and has done since 2009 when it was built. I "put a sock in it" to dampen the rattle down!

Edited by Ron Burgundy on 09/10/2018 at 09:09

Trevor W A Tuppence.    on 10 October 2018

REALLY..! ..? £65K and you have to dampen a ‘rattle’ from a sliding table with a sock? I’d use the sock with a billiard ball in it , visit the VW dealership it came from (or wotever source) and suggest it gets sorted pronto - no way I’d put up with that .... £65K is a lot of ‘get it sorted NOW’ Either Ron is cashed up so much so, that it doesn’t bother him , or, he’s too nice to make a fuss. I’m neither, so would definitely be using the sock too.....just in a different manner, to rid the rattling din! Having read that though, if I had the spare change to buy one of these type motors, I’d opt for the Merc V class. Great video though guys!

Edited by Avant on 11/10/2018 at 01:28

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