VIDEO: Toyota Supra review - much better than you think

Published 02 September 2019

The new Toyota Supra borrows very heavily from the latest BMW Z4...and the German company might have shot itself in the foot: the Supra is the much more interesting car. 

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mmmmm    on 2 September 2019


Mild (hopefully constructive) spent the first two mins telling us stuff we (who are rather interested and consumers of any relevant info) already knew from the press, other vids. You might have spent a wee bit time outside the car, discussing Tetsuya Tada and his approach to this car, really interesting btw.

Very good chance this will be a future classic, combination of very limited numbers, reviews such as yours, very customizable, (see Tada san info), etc. Without a partner, this car would never have seen production, so for all those against BMW and their significant contributions, would you rather have a concept car from Toyota and nothing further to buy, or this rather good start to the process?.

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