VIDEO: Toyota Corolla 2019 review - finally, a hybrid hatchback that's fun...ish

Published 20 February 2019

When Toyota ditched the Corolla name and called its family hatchback 'Auris' it was supposed to herald a new era of middle market excitement. It did not.

So we've come full circle. The Corolla is back. But, surprisingly, it's actually quite good fun.

Click play above to watch Mark's video and find out all about it. 



Pelican    on 22 February 2019

I looked up the prices of the 2.0 on a internet discount site (uk car discount). Way too expensive! Make no sense at all. Should be 20% cheaper

Lortaybill    on 26 February 2019

A very attractive car in every respect, but the extra cost of the hybrid system over normal cars in the same class does not make sense.

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