VIDEO: Toyota Camry review - the dullest car on sale today?

Published 27 August 2019

After a break lasting more than a decade, Toyota is back making big sub-premium saloons. The new Camry is brilliant in many ways, but it's also difficult to overcome the boredom factor. 

Click play below to watch Mark explain all.


amn    on 27 August 2019

As long as it is as reliable and durable as the old ones that you find all over Cambodia and other "third world" countries I could not care less about it being boring

Bruno123    on 27 August 2019

I like the look of it, I've driven Lexus CVT's without any problem and the price is not excessive for what you get (apart from the sat nav !).

Brian Sallows    on 27 August 2019

Safe , reliable , comfortable, long-lasting.
On the UK, crowded roads , what more does anyone want ?
So it’s an excellent saloon, for those who want a saloon.

Now the review style is awful, in my opinion.

MarkNichol    on 27 August 2019

That hurts, Brian.

   on 27 August 2019

Still driving my 1995 Camry V6
Best car ever
Drove more recent Camrys in the USA, but they don't have the same zip

St Eve    on 27 August 2019

At 2'20" - get dressed in a hurry, did we?

IrishNeil    on 28 August 2019

At 2'20" - get dressed in a hurry, did we?

That Camry is not all the way in the garage, is it??

Mike Madin    on 27 August 2019

Had its predecessor, the Super Crown, in1973 in Kenya: marvelous machine and way ahead of its time
OT in Spain

dobble    on 27 August 2019

He needs to distinguish beteen a belt driven CVT and an electronic CVT which uses a planetary gea***t as employed by Toyota. There is a world of difference. Bad error.

MarkNichol    on 27 August 2019

Indeed. I explain this confusion on the YouTube page.

MarkNichol    on 28 August 2019

I wrote this for Karen, but Karen disappeared. :-(

Edited by MarkNichol on 28/08/2019 at 10:26

Victor Ahiaba    on 28 August 2019

Toyota Camry back in the UK? I can't wait!!!

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