VIDEO: Renault Koleos review - the big non-SUV that doesn't know what it is

Published 11 February 2019

The latest Renault Koleos is a very decent SUV. In fact, we ran one for six months and liked it quite a lot. Mark didn't get on with it that well though. Hit play above to watch the video review and find out why. 


Joanna Wheatley    on 11 February 2019

beware of Renault repairs, I have a Zoe been off the road for 6 months due to incompetence of the so called electric car engineers....
Still waiting for them to sort it out!!

NickNike    on 11 February 2019

Irrelevant video. I wonder why anyone buys a French car anyway.

Plodding Along    on 19 February 2019

We did! We have a Pug 3008, besy car I've ever had actually. Oh, we also have a Pug 207, excellent, reliable runaround and bery reiable.

Plodding Along    on 19 February 2019

Sorry, typos galore, best, very and reliable.

Robin Michael Hurley    on 12 February 2019

Quite amusing and entertaining to watch. Jeremy Clarkson when he was not boring.

I enjoyed the video and watched it.

Does price matter?

Is a bad car at £30,000 a good car at £20,000?

And do you have anything for £4,000?

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