VIDEO: Porsche 911 review - is the 911 just too good now?

Published 28 November 2019

The Porsche 911 has been an iconic sportscar since the 60s, in the true sense: instantly recognisable shape, uniquely engineered, brilliant. However this latest one - the eighth, if you're counting - is so good that some of the specific 911 character has been lost. It might be just too accomplished now. 

Click play below to watch Mark explain in our video review.


Alby Back    on 29 November 2019

The trouble with 911s, and indeed all properly proper sports cars, is that by the time you can afford one, its just too late.

I so wanted one 30 years ago, but with starting a business, a family and a thumping big mortgage, at that time, it was never going to be more than a dream. Now that I'm at a point in life when its more of a possibility, I would just look like a rather sad old geezer trying a bit too hard to hang on to my lost youth.

I suppose I could get a beige one.

Tariq Mirza    on 2 December 2019

Refreshing and sometimes heartening tongue in cheek observation about a southern UK icon. Like most sooper carriages totally impractical and unnecessary. For those salivating at thought of owning one - just go ahead have a go and don't get sucked into the 'sad old geezer' complex. Is it any wonder such vehicles only a few years old go through so many hands for they aint what they seem - its a bit like smoking; if you can't be seen bellowing plumes of smoke like some fairy dragon then there is little point. It is all about preening, displaying and dancing to the tune of others - I belong to PGB and can honestly say no one in their heart of hearts really enjoys driving a Porsche. Perhaps in his revelatory comments Mark should mention that a modern car not capable of achieving a minimum of 300mpg is no great shaker. 190mph where max speed limit is 70mph - to 62mph in...... so what!

motorclaimguru    on 2 December 2019

Great Vid, Love 911's though do think the new ones are losing their character. They are just getting , longer, wider ,bigger. Certainly there character changed when the 996 came out, after that, the handling dynamics certainly shifted from "lift off oversteer" to " a bit understeery" safe, but you have to work hard to get the rear shifting around,,, and that is what I love about 911's , they talk to you at least the older ones do.

Brendan J Murphy    on 2 December 2019

I wanted a 911 all my life. When I sold my company funds were available. I opted for the 993 derivative, the last air cooled 911.
I test drove 12 cars around the uk. I found a beautiful example, low owners ,low miles, etc. I even got a full report from a 911 expert, Mr. Morgan, for £200 plus.
The car was great but not too comfortable. After 18 months I was getting physio for my lower back.
The real shock was the first service, £7500
Got a nice Mercedes now...

BenSolent    on 4 December 2019

Back in about 1972 my big bro’ brought home a Porsche 911 brochure he’d borrowed from a well-off friend of his ..... that simple act set me on a life dream to one day own a Porsche of my own. As for most people, life, marriage, mortgages etc put the dream on hold, albeit I grew up into a ‘petrolhead’ & had fun with a few very mild performance cars - Mini, Alfasud, GTI, BMW - but nothing exotic or expensive .... those were way, way beyond my budget! But in 2006 a bit of luck handed me enough cash to repay part of my mortgage ..... or, fulfil my dream. I have owned my 993 since that year and I have never, for one second, regretted my decision. If like me, you one day dream ..... do your research and buy. We only drive through life once.

Arminius JP    on 7 December 2019

Whilst remaining a car review, telling us what we need to know as well as contributing insight, this report transcends entertainment to become an art form in itself to be enjoyed and relished. Thank you!

MarkNichol    on 9 January 2020

Outstanding everyman explanation. No one else does this the way Mark does. HJ

Thanks HJ. Great to know you've got my back. :-D

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