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VIDEO: Nissan Leaf review - replacing an icon

Published 29 June 2018

The Nissan Leaf wasn't the first electric car, but it was the first one that the mass market bought into. That makes it a very difficult act to follow for this one. 

Here's what we think of it. It's not all good news...

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Don1988    on 2 July 2018

Battery density has been always been a problem. Perhaps graphene based capacitors could be one of the answers.

I don't know how Nissan could have made such a fundamental error and not provided an adjustable steering wheel.

If you only have round trips of say 40 miles a day then a second hand Renault Zoe looks like a good bet.

soldierboy000    on 2 July 2018

The hight 0f the back seat when folded is a small price to pay for the convenience and other properties of going electric and battery positioning. At the moment this is the only electric car I would consider.

soldierboy000    on 2 July 2018

P.S. Why don't they make an estate version?

Jackd    on 2 July 2018

I'm surprised about the issues with the driving position of the new Leaf, I found it fine when I tried it but agree it drives beautifully. If comparing it with the E-Golf, the electric version does lose a little boot space. As for the Ford Focus Electric, good luck to anyone trying to find one of them for sale! I think Ford only sold a handful.

Andrew Cameron-Tillett    on 6 July 2018

I have had my 64 reg and find it a very responsive and easy to drive car. Charging overnight costs pennies as not always a full charge required. I look forward to a piggy-back battery pack entering the UK market, as in the US for extended range, although by planning a long journey it is not a major inconvenience - and should you get low on battery the satnav screen shows up all chargers within range = peace of mind. All Ikea stores have rapid chargers as do Ibis Hotels and of course (free to use) all Nissan dealers.
My disappointment is in the Satnav software, not as easy to use as the Garmin - only real beef is that there is a more limited boot space than I would have preferred although you can now get a Van or a 7 seater with the same motor/battery set up. The technology is good and the sheer number of sales (1 every 10 minutes in Europe!) speaks for itself, even large Taxi firms are including them in large numbers in their fleets, some with mileages in excess 0f 250,000 !

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