VIDEO: Mazda CX-30 review - rights all the wrongs of the Mazda 3

Published 23 July 2019

The Mazda 3 is a cracking hatchback, but it's not the most practical family car in the world. Well, the CX-30 here is essentially a fat, SUV-shaped version...problem solved, right? 

Here's Mark's first drive review to take you through it. Click play below. 


Ian Elliott    on 26 July 2019

I love your reviews - by far the best on the net. The only distraction is noticing your newest tattoo! :)
Btw, on the Mazda 3 review you bigged up the Seat Leon - couldn't agree more. I just bought an Excellence with a big engine and so much prefer it to the 2015 BMW 330D it replaced.

Cliff Allen    on 29 July 2019

Cliff's comment.
Okay .. what's the recommended engine/auto box set up ?
Along with which model makes the most sense on the comfort/equipment/value for money thingy?

Ymris10    on 29 July 2019

Juddery ride? That's me off now. I want to ride in proper, uncaveated comfort.

gazzag    on 30 July 2019

My son works in a Mazda dealership and says if you buy a petrol Mazda then then the only time he will see you is at a service/MOT.

Sir Kevin Parr, Baronet    on 30 July 2019

You could buy a good house for that price or less in 1970s Wages for the masses have no relation to the cost of these goes up in price as investment car looses value as soon as you buy it. In less than 3 years your Mazda will be worth 3000 pounds. Calculate that loss and buy an older car for 3000 and keep doing that until the car manufacturers are forced to bring prices cashing down. For all that is new will be old in a year .The older cars are better made cheaper to repair and able to get one around for far less cash spending. I built a car in three months from no kit.Im not cleaver with such but forced myself to learn. It runs well on little fuel used even had air con. It is plated now and only the insurance is high . Do as a spare costing me just 230 euro in all and hard work welding. They rob you with new cars as dealer gets them half price to sell at what they are told to sell giving the garage sales a 100% profit on each new car sale. If he is pushing you into buying it is owing to that sales place to sell 10 cars new in one year in order to comply with manufactures deal with that said garage sales on new cars. The profit in so doing is higher that most business will ever see. Part exchange too aids that deal as that is real horse trading. If a car is just transport why is it so expensive to buy.Because of profits at highest level and pure greed. Stop them now but used cars only and save a fortune

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