VIDEO: Jeep Compass - navigating to mediocrity

Published 14 September 2018

The 2007 Jeep Compass was terrible. The 2018 one is a lot better...but it's still a big chunk of American-flavoured, Fiat-produced mediocrity.

Click play to watch us explain why, and let us know your thoughts below. 


mmmmm    on 14 September 2018

Have you considered approaching FCA to enquire if you can be part of the sign off process?. You would be in a position to drive the pre-production cars, point out the areas that you highlighted on this piece needing attention/improvement and give FCA objective, unbiased opinion, that if not put to good use, would completely vindicate your future road tests.

If your objectivity was of the highest order and integrity, this method of pre road testing, would be invaluable to all manufacturers, whose own staff, it could be argued, are too close to their own employers product, to be wholly objective.

Arminius JP    on 15 September 2018

Informative and entertaining as ever. Thank you.

Back around 1990 Ford in America call a car an "LTD" and I understood at the time that to Americans the name denoted good qualities, being associated with the solidity and permanence that flowed from use of "limited" in British company names. The use by Jeep now in the way described in the video seems more apt.

MMB69    on 17 September 2018

They now look quite nice though... and let's be honest... in this sector it is 100% about being able to pose at Lidl and nothing to do with driving a decent car ??

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John Appleton    on 17 September 2018

Why does n't anyone review the reviewers ? This review just made me think how very easy it is to do reviews. We seem to live in a world full of really good critics. Spare a thought for the poor engineers that worked on this Jeep. They probably had very limited choice of what parts they could use, how much they could spend on the product & how much development & testing they could do.This means that we should all give up creating things & just join the ranks of the critics.

MarkNichol    on 18 September 2018

Very easy eh? I'd invite you to have a go. I'll happily review your review. :-)

Nik Gibson    on 28 September 2018

I love your videos, informative and entertaining - keep it up

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