VIDEO: Hyundai Kona - not as exciting as Hyundai thinks it is

Published 24 May 2019

The Hyundai Kona is a decent small crossover, but it's not without flaws...which is probably why Hyundai has gone to town on the styling. To distract you. 

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footsfitter    on 29 May 2019

Recently hired a Kona in Australia, or rather hired a "Mitsubishi ASX.....or equivalent" from Budget at Perth airport and we got a Kona after back to back flights and landing late at night, so I can categorically confirm the Kona's boot/trunk is minimalist and no where near the previous 3 hires there (ASX x 1, Dualis/Qashqai x 2). This time we covered 3200km in WA over 4 weeks, mixed freeway/urban and long distance on mainly sealed roads plus a 30k "detour" on an unsealed national park "road"!

Once we'd corrected the 25psi overinflated tyres, the ride was better but as mentioned in the video the cabin noise is still bad, worse still was the passengers seat, neither of us could sit for long in it before lower back pain reminded you that you were sat in the passengers seat which also explained why when trying to take photos of the scenery all you could get while sat down was half a frame of dash/screen/bonnet- the lack of seat height adjustment made the position terribly low and the wife summed it up as "feeling like a little old lady" where it was so low!

The car was a petrol + automatic, fuel consumption wasn't brilliant as mentioned although it did go better if put into the mid driving mode, the basic setting is pretty sluggish TBH. Best bit of the car was the media unit with fair sized display together with being ready for Android Auto- used this with a UK vodafone contract that included inclusive Oz calls, pity their network is as crap as the UK but hey-ho being a seasoned Vodafone customer having downloaded the bottom half maps of WA we found dear old Google maps + Android Auto to be brilliant- the days of a built in sat nav requiring expensive updates looks to be old hat now?

The car in question had done 50,000km in nearly 20 months so was well run in. Other than than it was noisy, too small and uncomfortable!

Plodding Along    on 30 May 2019

They look quite nice, but having now done a bit of investigating, it seems to he a classic case of style over substance from Hyundai on this occasion.

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