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VIDEO: Hyundai Ioniq Electric review - probably the electric car you should buy

Published 03 December 2018

The Ioniq is Hyundai's crack at a standalone eco model, meaning it's only available with hybrid or full electric power. Here's our video review of the electric one, which isn't the best battery powered car you can buy, but the one that's easiest to recommend.

Click play to watch Mark explain why he thinks that...


   on 3 December 2018

useful for an update on progress but not there for me yet and very pricey.

Anthony13    on 3 December 2018

So annoying this idiot ! how big is your ego ? crap journo REPLACE HIM SO ANNOYING

MarkNichol    on 3 December 2018

Hey Anthony,


If so, I deserve to go.

Sorry I upset you so much. Have a lovely day.


An idiot. Also the BEST JOURNO IN THE WORLD.

bodywork    on 9 December 2018

Hey Anthony,


If so, I deserve to go.

Sorry I upset you so much. Have a lovely day.


An idiot. Also the BEST JOURNO IN THE WORLD.

I agree Tony, no need for those comments, it’s quite reasonable just to disagree surely, although it does make it easier to judge the type of person your dealing with, well done for a balanced reply

BikerGSA    on 3 December 2018

You stick in there Mark, different, quirky and entertaining as well as being informative.

Much better than the juvenile Clarkson & Co.

Would love to go electric to utilise my solar panels more but at the moment my old W reg. 2 litre Subaru Legacy just refuses to give up the ghost if it ever will.

PLUS!!! (As we are into CAPS>) Nice to hear regional accents, much missed since giving up truck driving some years back.

MarkNichol    on 3 December 2018

Thank you mate, I appreciate that.

MikeG65    on 3 December 2018

Anthony13 and Sir Lancelot's comments ring true with me, perhaps it's a matter of taste, or lack of it. On a separate note MarkNichol, a little tip for you from page 85 of the highway code. "drive with both hands on the wheel where possible. This will help you to remain in full control of the vehicle at all times" Be careful out there.

Edited by mikeglaire on 03/12/2018 at 18:06

Devon Dan    on 3 December 2018

Mark, for what it's worth, I think your reviews are well crafted, and give a really good feel for what each vehicle is about, covering all major points in a very watchable, entertaining way. You could do well on more mainstream channels if any of them did motoring programmes any more.
So please don't change your accent to 1960's BBC English or start wearing a suit and tie to appease some on here!
From a 70 year old, but young at heart car enthusiast.

Sir Lancelot    on 3 December 2018

No need for a suit just cover the stupid rubbish on the body it looks pathetic.

MarkNichol    on 4 December 2018

Thanks Devon Dan, that's really nice to hear.

And thanks to you too, Sir Lancelot, for my daily dose of hateful bile from a stranger. It balances out my day. Have a great one, lovely man. :-D

Soma    on 3 December 2018

I enjoy your reviews and look forwards to each new one. They are maybe slightly different to most reviews, but that is what makes them interesting and I find them informative with regards to what I need to know about a vehicle.

As for the comments about appearance, I do not think this is in anyway affecting your ability to review a vehicle, but correct me if I am wrong.

Keep up the good work, I am sure there are many people who enjoy the reviews.

Westernman    on 3 December 2018

Good review. Ignore the haters. They probably feel cross about all sorts of things and they don’t represent the majority.

Sir Lancelot    on 3 December 2018

"They probably feel cross about all sorts of things and they don’t represent the majority"

Where did you get that stupid idea from?

Chris Ottewell    on 3 December 2018

Well, I like your style Mark. Keep it up! I did test drive the Ionic Hybrid but found it slightly "odd" so I'm afraid I bought an XE Diesel instead.

Arminius JP    on 4 December 2018

"..because hybrids suck, every last one of them". Yes! Thank you. Putting the honest in HJ.

   on 4 December 2018

Good review. Informative and helpful, and given in a pleasant and friendly manner!!

Christopher Duggan    on 4 December 2018

Enjoyed the review and have nothing whatsoever to say about how you look or speak (wtaf would that be to do with me?). My one criticism/ query, is why the occasional switch from colour to monotone and back again? Doesn't add anything to the review and is distracting, imho.

MarkNichol    on 4 December 2018

You're not alone in that tbf. I just like it. Maybe I'll give it a rest...

tomsdad    on 4 December 2018

Carry on Mr Nichol you are doing a great job a breath of fresh air and by the way not everybody loves me.

beatbox    on 5 December 2018

I cannot play your reviews
I get this message from Kaspersky

Access denied
The requested URL cannot be provided
Blocked by Web Anti-Virus

Reason: threat of data loss

Detection method: cloud protection

Click here if you believe that the web page has been blocked by mistake. The application will not block it anymore.

Message generated at: 6:07:37

pint6x    on 7 December 2018

Hi Mark,

I enjoy your reviews and look forward to the next one. The accent/haircut/tattoos are part of your character so ignore the idiots telling you otherwise.

One question though, why do all hybrids suck? I have seriously thought this might be a good toe in the water for someone wanting to change from petrol-only cars.

Cheers - Philip

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