VIDEO: Honda CR-V Hybrid review - big, bold and almost brilliant

Published 04 March 2019

The Honda CR-V has always been big and comfortable, but this new one adds a level of refinement and sophistication that's never been there before. Plus, the hybrid system is excellent. Surprisingly so.

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   on 4 March 2019

The advert inserted on this video is a major distraction much like the reviewer’s tattoo.

   on 4 March 2019

Dear Mark,

I always enjoyed your reviews.

However you remark 'crappy Rover' was not necessary.

I love my Rover 75 estate its 16 years old totally reliable, economical, cavernous load area.
The interior is retro, with fake wood, but still feels special with the most comfortable leather seats and the best ride. I have had Mercedes / BMW estates and prefer the Rover. Anyone who rides in the car is surprised how good it is, especially sub £2,000.
After 7 years of driving its still worth what I paid for it.

I have tried other cars as possible replacement when Bath charges for old diesels but nothing has convinced me to change the Rover.

Best wishes,

MarkNichol    on 4 March 2019

Sorry Michael, didn't mean to offend you. I once owned a Rover myself - just a 25 back in 2000. It was my first company car and at the time I loved it. That K Series engine was epic.

rickenbacker_al    on 4 March 2019

"Honda has overtaken Renault as the manufacturer with the worst infotainment system"?? Have you ever driven a Lexus, Mate??

MarkNichol    on 4 March 2019

Ha! Yes, you might be right about that.

Atlanticboy    on 4 March 2019

Sorry video not working correctly + no sound.

Wraith    on 4 March 2019

A Montego. Several Metros. An Allegro (ride on hydro-gas was almost as good as Citroen at its best). None of them were "divers cars” apart from the 1.3 Metro MG which was a bit of a hooligan. Point is, none of them ever let me down. As reliable as you could get.

Edited by Wraith on 04/03/2019 at 17:57

   on 4 March 2019

No sound for me either !

   on 4 March 2019

Not my kind of car review. This looks like an audition for a channel 4 presenters job. Why can't you just review the car & instead of using split screen stuff all the time let's have a full screen picture with the reviewer in & around the car Most people who buy CRV's are not young folks covered in tattoo's who talk a lot about pulling stuff out of the centre consul as though it was really important. I'm due to change cars next year ( CRV driver) & I learned nothing from this review. It's negative feedback of course but I'm calling it the way I saw it Dick.

OK ............just seen the written review which is well written & informative :)

Charles Dorrington    on 5 March 2019

Excellent review as always. Informative, honest AND entertaining!
Don’t change a thing!

MarkNichol    on 5 March 2019

Thanks very much Charles.

   on 6 March 2019

The trouble with these reviews is that Mark sits on the fence most of the time. Eg it’s almost brilliant. It’s fun ish ...... Not sure what we are learning from these reviews apart from they are “ok”

Alby Back    on 8 March 2019

Well, I enjoy your reviews Mark. They strike the right balance between being informative and lightheartedly entertaining.

Don't be put off by the serially miserable !


   on 19 March 2019

It's a hybrid so don't go telling us anything useful like what mpg you achieved on test!

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