VIDEO: 2020 Ford Puma - proper brilliant. Job done.

Published 13 January 2020

Here's the new Ford Puma. Yep, it's no longer a cheap two-door sports's a small crossover. **sigh** And an expensive one at that. **double sigh** Doesn't matter's proper mint. 

Click play below to watch this guy's video review. 


Arminius JP    on 15 January 2020

A three cylinder turbo charged engine may even last beyond the warranty period, no?

Barry B    7 days ago

Not in the Citroen 1.2 Puretec two engines in 3 years!!

VINCENT MILLARD    7 days ago

The 3 cylinder 1Lt Turbo charged 130ps in my Wife's Suzuki S4 SX has and it returns 52 MPH, on the 6 Speed steptronic Gearbox with flappy Paddles.

pint6x    on 17 January 2020

Do you sit there with a stop watch?

pint6x    on 17 January 2020

Great review. What Car have just named this very model as their Car of the Year for 2020.

aethelwulf    on 18 January 2020

But a car made in Romania but charged at German prices? This car should be on a price level with Dacia. Fords are robbing the motorist as ever and they la it up.

longshanks    on 20 January 2020

don't think that's good English
Here's the new Ford Puma. Yep, it's no longer cheap a two-door sports's a small crossover

GTC20th    on 20 January 2020

Pity it's just another ugly crossover. Sad that manufacturers seem locked into this trend for slabby, wobbly lumps.

Peter McGuire    on 20 January 2020

Indeed, another Blob - mobile to clutter the roads.

VINCENT MILLARD    7 days ago

But it may get some People out of the Chelsea Tractors.

Barry B    7 days ago

We just hired a Nissan Juke for a week. Terrible the Corsa we hired the week before had more space!

VINCENT MILLARD    7 days ago

Try the Suzuki S4 S Cross, you'll be amazed, we were, and I've always been an MG & Jag man.

simon john    7 days ago

Yet another SUV why why why I much prefer a decent sized hatchback

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