VIDEO: BMW X2 review - better than it should be

Published 10 September 2018

BMW has long been in the business of making coupe-type things out of its SUVs. The problem is, they tend to charge you a lot more for less. 

And while you could accuse the BMW X2 of that egregious practice, technically, it's actually a very nice alternative to the X1 on which it's based. 

Click play to watch our review. 


jenoseel    on 10 September 2018

You are nowhere near as funny as you think you are. Just tell us about the car!

Johnfrog    on 10 September 2018

Sadly Jenoseel this site, as brilliant as it is otherwise, doesn't accept criticism and deletes critical posts. I posted a comment about this guy and it was deleted very smartly. Will be interesting to see if they do the same to yours (and mine, again.)

MarkNichol    on 10 September 2018

Hi. Mark here. Generally the rule with comments is that if they're about the car, fine, but if they're personal attacks we delete them. Mainly because they're hateful and pointless. If you don't like the videos that's fine, but why bother having a pop at me on the internet? What does it achieve? These videos take a lot of time and effort and you get them for free. Sure, they're a little different and they won't be to everyone's taste - I accept that - but they're always furnished with plenty of information about the car and they supplement the more detailed reviews on the website. Plus, we don't exist in a vacuum - if you like your video reviews on the dry side, there are plenty of places you can go to find those. If you have something constructive to say I'd love to hear it - I take pride in my work and I'm always looking to improve. If you just fancy having a dig because our senses of humour don't align, have a quick look at yourself. And maybe have a little think about how you can uplift someone today, you know, for balance. Much love.

Edited by MarkNichol on 10/09/2018 at 16:07

cbr1100xx    on 10 September 2018

I get to drive lots of BMW's, as regards the X2, I drive a Citroen Grand Picasso a much better car and far more practical.

TonyBowdine    on 10 September 2018

I have bought a new X2 220d x drive, Active Tourer, Luxury spec.Automatic. Very pleased with it. Find the ride very comfortable in comfort mode. Suffering from AS Spondylitis I really needed a comfortable ride. The auto box is so smooth you don't notice the gear changing. I would not hesitate to recommend the X2 220x drive.

Falkirk Bairn    on 10 September 2018

I think Tony is mixed up

I think he has a 2 Series Active Tourer Luxury 220 Auto - an MPV!

His 2 series is a completely different car from an BMW X2 which is a coupe'd SUV.

luba6a2014    on 10 September 2018

I just love Mark and his reviews,but I can not understand all that he says.Might be a good idea to put some subs.
otherwise,thank you,Mark and keep on going
best regs

doi209    on 11 September 2018

I agree that subtitles would be helpful.

Disagree about deleting offensive comments. I made a comment ( HJ 01/09/18) and received a trolled reply. Didn't worry me, but it may have offended others.

The humour in this article is 'take it or leave it', but the info given is useful and I will continue to watch to Mark's reviews.

MarkNichol    on 11 September 2018

Apparently I'm not allowed to put elocution lessons on expenses... :-)

pat pending    on 12 September 2018

My favourite car website, and favourite video reviews.

A Mini Clubman Cooper S with the same engine and platform is better than this BMW though, with its dull dull interior.

Rob Whitmarsh    on 20 September 2018

Mark's test videos don't bother me, being Northern myself, though from a far more select area than Geordieland, I can understand almost all of what he says, or at least I think I would be able to if his videos played properly. Occasionally they do play OK, but most of the time, they're reluctant to start, and when they eventually do, it's with a garbled soundtrack, as if two voice tracks were playing simultaneously with a short interval between them, unlistenable. I've never experienced anything like this anywhere else, so surely there must be something amiss with the HJ website?

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