VIDEO: Audi RS 5 Sportback - much better than you think it's going to be

Published 08 November 2019

The Audi RS 5 has always been extremely quick but also a bit dull to drive and hampered by a two-door layout. Well no longer, because now you can have it as a Sportback and it's also very good to drive. Yes. 

Hit play below to watch Mark explain in our video review...


Paul Jenkinz    on 11 November 2019

bigger rims equals thinner tyres equals harsher ride

luba6a2014    on 12 November 2019

the moment I saw the iPad display,I stopped the video.Sorry Mark-nothing personal

Johnfrog    on 12 November 2019

Thanks Mark for pointing out the heavy steering and hash ride.

Jaguar proved with the 380 BHP supercharged XES that it is possible to create a car on 20" wheels that handles like a go-cart but has a lovely jiggle-free ride quality, plus light but accurate steering. Why can't the Germans do the same. Most of it is down to chassis design.

Ian Cole    on 13 November 2019

Loved the Moobs analogy lol

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