VIDEO: Audi A1 review - the best runabout ever made...probably

Published 10 May 2019

The new Audi A1 is the most techy and well-equipped small car ever made, but it comes at a high price. Still, Mark thinks it's the best runabout of all time.

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V4 Heaven    on 10 May 2019


A lady at work has one and is selling it purely because it doesn't have space.

I sat in one and felt claustrophobic at 5 ft 11.

206SP    on 13 May 2019

Reliability? The 1.4 engines are crap run too hot, crack piston rings drop valves. Auto boxes will need a rebuild/replace at 100,000 miles if not sooner, all at vast expense. Diesel manual the best choice, lowest CO, zero particulates.....oh they don't do one anymore.

Senexdriver    on 13 May 2019

She clearly thought it through before parting with her hard-earned then!

edwin dowsland    on 13 May 2019

is there an ev version coming??

Robert McAuley    on 13 May 2019

I wouldn't have any VW based car as they're not as reliable as many think, too expensive for what you get and extras, often standard on other marques, come as expensive options.

Roy Fuller    on 14 May 2019

Far too expensive.

Ymris10    on 14 May 2019

What's the ride like? No good if it's harsh on our rubbish roads.

beecee    on 16 May 2019

Down to servicing if the oil changed 5/6k or 6 monthly & all fluids & major servicing done properly they should be reliable. I've got an Accord at 174k running sweet. But Madam had a Golf Driver from Motability, I bought it but had to sell. The buyer reported the Auto-box went a few months later.

Plodding Along    on 17 May 2019

Audi. Consistently score pretty low on the JD Power Dependability Study.
Based on that fact alone I wouldn't touch one with a barge pole. Nor a BMW, nor anything Land Rover.
And yet a significant number of people are still badge snobs who are willing to pay way over the odds to impress their neighbours.

Would much sooner go for a Kia, Hyundai or Suzuki. The most reliable cars money can buy. After all, isn't reliability the number one thing we should be looking for in a car? It definitely is for me.

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