VIDEO: Alfa Romeo Stelvio Review - confusingly good, surprisingly ugly

Published 07 January 2019

The Stelvio isn't like a normal Alfa Romeo because it's ugly and it's got a sensible interior. It's also not like a normal SUV because it's very good fun to drive. 

Click play above to watch our video review. 


hobbyist101    on 8 January 2019

another low quality road test report. Why do you focus on something as subjective as looks?

Just because you find a car ugly it does not mean others will. I can make my own mind up about looks. What I want from a road test is information about things that are not readily obvious, such as ride and handling, not looks and not silly jokes.

MarkNichol    on 8 January 2019


I agree. Looks are entirely subjective, which is why I rarely comment on them, and when I do I try to make it part of wider context. In this case that context is Alfa Romeo's clear and well known historical identity - ie. making cars that are widely regarded as stylish, though perhaps without the substance to back it up. Case in point the 156 saloon, which I have extensive experience of, not only vicariously (as described in the video) but as an owner, albeit briefly.

It's unfair to say that I focused on the looks. I simply used aesthetics as a contextual way of explaining my opinion that the Stelvio's strengths are in opposition to the typical Alfa Romeo narrative, however hyperbolic that narrative may be; the Stelvio is great to drive, built well, ergonomically sound but, surprisingly, hardly a stunner. Again, in my opinion. I'm well aware that others have the freedom to disagree about the way things look. Watch the video again (assuming you watched it all in the first place, which I suspect you didn't) and you'll see that I spend far, far more time talking about driving the car and its various other strengths than I do musing on its looks.

I hope this answers your question. Have a nice day. :-)

Sincerely, Mark.

Honestjohn    on 9 January 2019

Well I thought it was brilliant. Mark brought the elephant into the room. Then gently led it out again and got right into all of the more important stuff with his usual wit and charm. He's right about the satnav, though. I had to pull over into a layby for 5 minutes to try to figure it out.


Richard Abarth    on 13 January 2019

You failed to mention how unreliable Range Rovers are and that with the Giulia, Alfa have been way ahead of the Germans in the reliability surveys, but that doesn't fit with the stereotypes regarding Italian cars.

It does look huge, even when parked next to a Giulia

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