Smartphone Location App Tells Rescue Services Precisely Where You Are

Published 20 December 2019

When you break down or run into trouble in a car, how do you remember the exact name of the road you are on or even the nearest motorway junction? You'll probably be in a state of panic anyway.

A new free-to-download app called "what3words" breaks down the entire country into 3x3 metre squares and gives each of them a three word name, such as: ///beep.torch.beard, or ///audit.twins.cute

All you have to do is text or speak those three words to the recue operator and rescue will be on its way to exactly where you are stuck.

Download for iPhones from the App Store

Or for Androids from Google Play

Find the three words for whate you are now on the what3words online map

Visit the AA

What 4Words Snow


daveyjp    on 20 December 2019

I advise everyone to download this - it can be vital at any time, emergency services sometimes have real problems locating people in urban areas.

Building descriptions (its next to the old library etc) aren't useful to a call centre operator who may be miles away.

   on 21 December 2019

I have recently downloaded this app, although it does have a few shortcomings, it is the best advance in GPS based navigation. Think about this you are travelling from A to B on a long drive - you can see your course and position on the GPS screen, but do you really know exactly where you are I doubt it, even if you have the knowledge to use coordinates the person who is answering your call for assistance will have little or limited knowledge of this. With this system you can be found anywhere in the world land - sea - on a mountain or in a valley with no limits. I have contacted the developers regarding improvements to the system and they promptly replied showing great interest in my suggestions. I did emphasise the importance of keeping this system very basic and not go down the road of the current GPS systems that enable you to do anything on them, becoming a small computer, i.e. using sales hype to detract from the basic function of what it was made for. This app is so important for rescue, breakdowns, medical events and numerous other options, for the general public to have the ability to see your exact location in the middle of nowhere and to contact the emergency services by giving the what3words address they will Know your location. You will require a android or smartphone with built in GPS on some models this may be called location, if you are not sure ask before you buy. Most mobile phones are GPS enabled as standard. I spent a long time studying this app before contacting the developers and concluded that this is the single most important app to have on a mobile device.
ALL FOR FREE AND AD FREE now that is a real bonus in this day and age.

aufdermaur    on 24 December 2019

We (among several other services) use it at the NHS ambulance trust I work for and it really is invaluable for locating people, wherever they may be. Crews get very confused when they are sent a one.three.words address though.

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