Nokian launches carpark tyre scanner

Published 15 May 2018

After two years testing in Finland, Nokian has launched a system that measures the tyre tread depths of vehicles passing over it when entering carparks.

Called 'SnapSkan' and installed at parking garage entrances or exits, it measures tyre tread depth quickly and easily by utilising the latest 3D scanning technology. 

Drivers can then opt-in by SMS or online either before or after the scanning to get a digital report of their tyres condition. If they choose not to opt-in, all the information SnapSkan has gathered of the vehicle will be permanently deleted within a week.

If they opt-in for the report, it is sent to the driver’s mobile device totally free of charge. The report includes the measurements of tyre treads and a code that offers a discount on new tyres in selected stores.

The service is located in places that drivers usually visit, eliminating the need for a separate stop or a drive to a checking station. SnapSkan can measure the tyres on any passenger car and it works with all tyre brands.

SnapSkan was first introduced in 2016. A prototype of the service was in use at a multi-storey parking garage in Helsinki and the first customer service point was opened in June 2017 in a parking garage in Turku, Finland. The customer feedback from these first two service points was used to develop the entire SnapSkan consumer service.

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