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Motorway Lifesaver When Using a Space Saver Spare

Few things are more annoying to HGV drivers governed to 56mph than to be confronted by a car in the left hand lane of the motorway travelling at just 50mph.

They have their job to do and, despite the speed restriction on their vehicle, they have a schedule to meet.

So if you are unfortunate enough to suffer a motorway puncture and have to use a space saver spare restricted to 50mph, you can at least inform HGV drivers why you are holding them up.

The 50mph signs developed by Stuart Torevell cost £2.95 for the self-adhesive version and £3.95 for the magnetic version.

Well worth spending to prevent enormous HGVs with frustrated drivers breathing down your exhaust pipe.

More and to order your sticker www.cautionsigns.co.uk






Focussed    on 28 March 2013

Is this sticker available in Polish,Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Czech, Spanish and Portugese? Or Just English? Unless it is, it's of limited use because a lot of Johnny Foreigner lorry drivers no reada da English.

Mr N Shanley    on 29 March 2013

We dont have any road signs on motorways or on A or B class roads in Polish,Latvian,Estonian,Lithuanian,Spanish or Portugese and Johnny Foreigner seems to get by ok. I was walking down to my local shopping centre the other day and saw that the pelican crossing lights were surrounded by cones and the lights had big orange bags covering them it was pretty clear to me they were not working and work was ongoing hence all the cones yet as i got closer i spotted a sign on the button pad saying lights not in operation this was in plain English no sign of Polish,Latvian,Estonian,Lithuanian,Czech, Spanish or Portugese yet i suspect johnny Foreigner would get the message

Mr N Shanley    on 12 April 2013

Wouldnt it be a good health and safety coup if the car manufacturers or dealers put this in the boot with the space saver wheels before joe public got the cars . With all the H&S legislation flying about Britain and the EU at the moment it wont be long before something like this will become law anyway.

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