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BBA-reman offers Lifetime warranty on Remanufactured Parts


BBA-reman has made the unique and impressive decision to provide a lifetime warranty on all parts repaired within their business. BBA-reman have the confidence that they provide their customers with the best products and service anywhere and it is this value that has led them to making this change. They are the first UK automotive remanufacturer to offer this lifetime warranty.

BBA-reman repairs and remanufactures ABS modules, ECUs, power steering parts, throttle bodies, air mass meters and common rail diesel pumps.

This new warranty far exceeds anything the alternatives have to offer. Chris Swan, Owner and Managing Director of BBA-reman explains, “Ideally parts last the lifetime of the car, but in reality most of them don’t. What our customers get from us is peace of mind. Once they buy the part or repair, they don’t need to worry again for the lifetime of their vehicle.”  Chris went on to mention that the norm in the marketplace is to offer a two year warranty for brand new parts and remanufacturers’ warranties varying between three months and two years.

Keith Costa, Director of Engineering at BBA-reman follows on by saying, “It’s a low risk decision for us. We have a multinational team of several engineers who research and find solutions to thousands of problems with electronic automotive parts.  We often use upgraded components and/or improve on the original design to prevent future failures.” 

Established in 1998, by CEO Chris Swan, BBA-reman is a specialist automotive remanufacturer with offices in eleven countries.   BBA-reman ensure that they are at the very leading edge of new product introduction offering a reliable alternative to costly new parts.  They are also dedicated to supplying automotive information through their Forum, Auto Mine, Good Garages, and common failures on their website,




Guy Tanton    on 20 December 2016

Not happy with them ,they do not honour their words and you can't even complain as your email just gets sent back ,need to speed to the CEO if he will

   on 24 March 2017

Avoid at all costs, sent a bsi for repair, rang them a week after they recieved it for an update and they told me they hadn't recieved it even though I had it tracked and it had being signed for. Also had rang before I sent it to see that they could repair that unit, they told me no problem so I sent it with the fault code and all details incl my contact number.had to keep calling back for two days as they never returned my calls and rarely would answer my calls, finally on day 3 they told me they had found the unit. One week after I called again (it was in the workshop)! Fine. week after I called again as I had no update, they told me they were having some problems with it but were working on it and would call back. I called the the week after on the Friday and was told it was repaired! £260 great so I told them I travelling and would get my partner to contact them with my card details straight away! She called them back 20min later only get talking to a different guy who told her they couldn't do anything with the unit as they didn't have a test procedure for the unit and therefore couldn't test it! IT TOOK FOUR WEEKS TO BE INFORMED OF THIS! Bad communication, bad attitude, slow, not trustworthy, and would have taken the £260 of my card and sent the unit back in the same way I sent to them to further waste my time if the second guy hadn't let it slip that they couldn't test it let alone repair it! Never again and I would strongly advise anyone else that has an item to be repaired to find some reputable company (NOT BBA REMAN) do some research and proceed with caution! Be careful out there! There's lots of thieves and some of them have credit card machines and will even send you an invoice for the money they rob of you!!

   on 30 May 2017

Hi do you guys work on ABS systems fro a 1991 GMC syclone?
thank you.
email is

daniel woodrow    on 16 March 2018

I thought that honest john was a good site but i think you dont know what your talking about!!! this company bba is the pits! they should be wiped out! anyone who operates like they do should be lined up and shot dead!

Sorry Honest John.. you messed up. THERE IS NOTHING HONEST ABOUT THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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