Honda unveils all-new 2021 HR-V

Published 22 April 2021

Honda has unveiled the all-new HR-V. The family crossover gets efficient petrol hybrid engines, upmarket styling and a larger interior. The new HR-V will go on sale in late-2021 and start in the region of £22,000. 

The 2021 Honda HR-V will compete with the Nissan Juke, Ford Puma and Volvo XC40. Honda says its new crossover will be one of the best for interior space, with rear-seat legroom increased by 35mm and the back seats reclining an extra two degrees to improve comfort. 

The HR-V retains Honda's famous Magic Seat system – which lets you fold and flatten the rear seats to carry bulky items in the rear footwells. The seats also fold completely flat to give you a huge van-like load bay that will allow the HR-V to punch above its weight when it comes to practicality. 

Most models in the HR-V range will come with a nine-inch LCD centre touchscreen and seven-inch TFT instrument display. It also comes with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto so you can mirror the screen of your smartphone, but Honda has avoided making the HR-V too infotainment heavy and this means you still get traditional knobs and buttons for the things like the ventilation system and radio.

Honda HR-V 2021 2 

Honda hasn't changed the HR-V's key exterior dimensions - the new car is the same length as the outgoing model. The raised ride height makes the new HR-V 10mm taller than the old model. The car is also 20mm lower than before despite its taller ride height and 18-inch alloy wheels.  

The 2021 Honda HR-V is powered by a petrol hybrid powertrain found in the latest Jazz, it produces 131PS and 253Nm of torque courtesy of the 1.5-litre four-cylinder engine and two electric motors hidden under the bonnet. 

Honda hasn't released any CO2 or fuel economy figures but expect it to return around 50mpg and cover 0-62mph in under 10 seconds.  It has three automatically selected driving modes, so when you pull off the car uses electricity only, at higher speeds it splits power between electric and petrol – the engine operating as a generator – while on the motorway when electric power is at its least efficient, only the engine runs.  

The new Honda HR-V gets Honda's latest self-drive tech which includes a new forward-facing camera that means the car's automatic emergency brakes can detect other vehicles and cyclists during the day and at night.  As well as stopping the car in an emergency, the camera can apply the brakes when it detects a vehicle or cyclist crossing the Honda's path. 

Honda HR-V 2021 3


Colin Anthony Lambert    on 26 April 2021

Do we know what aspect tyres will be fitted to the 18" rims?
If they follow the European trend of fitting ridiculous 40 or 45 aspect 'rubber bands' they have lost one customer already. ME!.
Completely unnecessary on an SUV, hard ride and high risk of expensive curbing.

I registered with Honda as soon as the HR-v e:HEV was whispered, to be kept informed about this car. so far absolutely NOTHING! Have to rely on motoring press for scant details. WHY? when they are already available in Asia. They must have some idea of U.K. specs.

Perhaps they don't want to seduce possible buyers. What a waste of time. Come on Honda, get a grip!

Dr Peter Sander    on 26 April 2021

I would be a potential customer to replace my 7 yr old BMW 2 series tourer but,
NOT if 18" alloys and little rubber between me and the road.
This is a subsidised for manufacturer tyre which looks good to fashionistas but is far less practical and unsuitable for tyres such as Michelin all -weather/ Premacy which give a safe comfortable ride.

Austin Matthews    on 27 April 2021

Does this new Honda have a CVT gearbox ? If so, I will not be buying. Worst bit of technology since cars were invented.


Phil of Cilcain    7 days ago

I love the CVT transmission and I guess there will be no manual option on the new HRV.

My 2019 HRV has it and while I can understand someone who likes to "press on" might not like it, it suites my now, more relaxed driving style and help me return 52mpg.

J C Dimsdale    on 27 April 2021

Why is there no mention of whether or not the new car has 4wd? For some of us, 4wd is absolutely essential but journalists invariably fail to include whether this is available.

moron    on 27 April 2021

A usual HJ article these days.
A truly lazy article with very little information - seems to me some lines pasted from the a Honda leaflet.

Phil of Cilcain    7 days ago

18" wheels sounds like a "no, no" to me and ridiculous if they are less than 55 profile.
I have a 2019 HRV now and had to accept the 17" wheels because I wanted the top of the range equipment such as leather and a sun roof and there was no option to have the 16" wheels as fitted to lesser models. The result is, a set of quality tyres cost £600, the acceleration is slower than on 16" wheels, the fuel consumption is worse (I only average 52mpg. Really!) and the ride is unnecessarily choppy on rough surfaces.
Perhaps I'm just old fashioned but I prefer the looks of the old HRV.

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