Top 20: New cars for 2017

From even more SUVs and crossovers (will it never end?) to new compact hatchbacks, 2017 is shaping up to be yet another big year for new car launches. So we've picked out 20 of the best cars that will be arriving over the next 12 months.

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BMW 5 Series - on sale February 2017

BMW has taken a long time making the new 5 Series. Although apparently a lot of that time was spent making it look like the current one. It's hardly what you'd call revolutionary in terms of design. There are big changes underneath though helping the 5 Series lose a bit of its middle aged spread - around 100kg in fact.

That means it's quicker than before and more economical plus there's more room for those sat in the back. Expect to see one sat about three feet off your rear bumper come early 2017...

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Greenfingerswhofishes    on 14 December 2016

On what basis do you base your snotty little jibe about pensioners only liking cars with dull exteriors and interiors?
Perhaps you should think before making ageist comments as there is no such thing as the standard pensioner - we are all different..

Some of us pensioners would really like a decent choice of colourful exterior paintwork and matching interiors, such as cream leather to match a powder blue paint job or a pale green one to blend with a BRG exterior. Such combinations were readily available to the public in the late 60's and 70's and it is only in recent times that the public have been forced to have dull exterior paintwork combined with black/greys interiors.

John Davey    on 14 December 2016

I had been eagerly awaiting the launch of the C-HR for months, so I was delighted to find one in a showroom in Marbella last weekend.
What a disappointment!
Looks great, but the rear is so claustrophobic I really could not subject anyone to more than a short ride in the rear.
Furthermore, the navigation screen is huge, and placed so high up as to be thoroughly intrusive!
Funky but not, I'm afraid, nice to live with.

So it's looking more like a Mazda CX3 for me next year, unless anyone has a better suggestion.

HJ Editor    on 15 December 2016

Apologies Greenfingerswhofishes. It was meant as a light hearted joke about the old Nissan Micra, not a jibe against pensioners.

TICKENHAMTIGER    on 3 January 2017

Do you know when the Jag XE gets its new petrol engine to replace the Ford engine? Hopefully it will be more economical and have lower CO2 emissions.

Barsus    on 4 January 2017

Dear Greenfingerswhofishes, the HJ reports often include some banter and other snippets of humour. I am a pensioner too and take no offense at the odd wise-crack.
Here's one of my own: many new designs have been allowed to pass beyond (presumably young) stylists to become vehicles filled with unnecessary gadgets, gloomy interiors, and pill-box windows one can barely see out of...trends that are all in the wrong direction, in the opinion of this old coot!
Happy 2017 to all the HJ readers out there.


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