Top 10 new cars with the best Real MPG

A combination of a low list price and great real world fuel economy is the Holy Grail for measly overall running costs. So we’ve found 10 cars that have just that, offering you a cheap initial purchase and then excellent economy, as proven by Real MPG submissions.  

These are not the 10 cheapest cars on sale, nor the 10 cars with the best Real MPG returns overall, rather the new cars that offer the best blend of low purchase cost and strong Real MPG ratings.

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Dacia Logan Access 1.2

List price: £6995

Official mpg rating: 48.7mpg

Real MPG: 46mpg (94 per cent)

One of the very cheapest cars on sale on the UK, the Logan hides its cost-cutting well and offers masses of space for a very low outlay. And while 46mpg isn’t ground-breaking by any means, it’s still 94 per cent of the claimed average – so you can’t accuse Dacia of pulling the wool over your eyes. The relatively low average economy rating is down to Dacia’s use of older technology from parent company Renault’s parts warehouse, but buyers can hardly complain when their estate has come this cheap.

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