Top 10 new cars with the best Real MPG

A combination of a low list price and great real world fuel economy is the Holy Grail for measly overall running costs. So we’ve found 10 cars that have just that, offering you a cheap initial purchase and then excellent economy, as proven by Real MPG submissions.  

These are not the 10 cheapest cars on sale, nor the 10 cars with the best Real MPG returns overall, rather the new cars that offer the best blend of low purchase cost and strong Real MPG ratings.

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List price: £8355

Official mpg rating: 62.8mpg

Real MPG: 57.3mpg (91 per cent)

Given the Mii is mechanically identical to the Up, it’s no surprise to see SEAT’s city car performing very similarly to Volkswagen’s. SEAT itself will be pleased that, like-for-like, Mii drivers are getting better returns than their Up equivalents, especially as the Mii is cheaper across the board – that’s the outworking of brand image cultivation right there. Speaking of which, there’s a Mii by Mango version available, should you ever become interested in purchasing a car named after a concession inside House of Fraser.

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