Top 10: Essential facts about the new Jaguar F-Pace

Never shy of mounting the bicycle of publicity, Jaguar has given the forthcoming F-Pace SUV a strange sort of half-debut by making a barely disguised model a support vehicle for the Tour de France. Its full debut is scheduled for the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. 

When it goes on sale at the start of 2016, the F-Pace will be Jaguar’s first ever SUV – or, rather, its first “sports crossover”, which is the way the company prefers to describe it. Either way it’s shaping into one of the most exciting Jaguar cars of recent memory, so here are 10 things you should know about it.

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The F-Pace was designed by this guy

Jaguar’s design team is led by Ian Callum, the Scotsman responsible, arguably, for rescuing Jaguar from the retro-era doldrums and dragging it into the premium leagues today.

Consider the difference between the Ford-era X-Type and the new XE, and you’ll appreciate just how far Jaguar has come in a few short years, thanks in large part to Callum’s eye for drawing a nice-looking car. We haven’t seen the F-Pace in full, yet, but it’s unlikely to be ugly. 


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