Gallery: Unique heritage-inspired Toyota GT86 models

Toyota will hit this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed with a fleet of six very special GT86 models, each sporting a one-off livery in homage to the company’s racing heritage.

Better still, each car will be available for public drives at the FoS Moving Motor Show – yes, you could have a go in one of these at Goodwood. Click through the gallery to see them all in detail, starting with the historic racer that each was inspired by.

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Shelby Toyota 2000GT 

Carroll Shelby is most famous for the Shelby Ford Mustang and Shelby AC Cobra, but he also led the racing programme for Toyota’s 2000GT in North America. In 1968, the Shelby stormed the American SCAA roster, driven by racers Scooter Patrick and Dave Jordan. To underline its historical significance, in 2012 the first Shelby 2000GT made sold for $1.7m at auction.  


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