Geneva Motor Show 2016: Top 10 concepts

The Geneva Motor Show 2016 was dominated by new car launches. However, aside from the dozens of new production models, were equal amounts of concepts and prototypes. We've trawled the halls to find the top 10.

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RX Vision

Once upon a time, Mazda was associated with the rotary engine above all else – but these days it has no cars fitted with the unusual, cylinder-free powerplant. That’s possibly down to appalling fuel economy, or maybe a sketchy reliability record – but it’s still a bit sad.

But as if to prove to the world that it won’t give up on the Wankel engine, Mazda has built this – the RX Vision. In fairness, Mazda could fit the engine from a tractor under the bonnet and it would still be hugely desirable. Hopefully a production model to succeed the RX-7 and RX-8 will be along in a few years and – fingers crossed – it’ll look like this. 


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