Geneva Motor Show 2016: Top 10 concepts

The Geneva Motor Show 2016 was dominated by new car launches. However, aside from the dozens of new production models, were equal amounts of concepts and prototypes. We've trawled the halls to find the top 10.

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Pinifarina H2

Pinifarina knows how to style a car. Sometimes the staff get bored and draw the Hyundai Matrix, but they were firing on all cylinders when they came up with the bodywork for the H2 – but it’s really a racing car, so if you want one for commuting, tough cookies.

It’s a hydrogen-powered vehicle, hence its name, but it has no gearbox – power is instead managed by a computer, which reduces weight and the number of moving parts. All that comes out of the exhaust is water. A glimpse of the (probably distant) future.


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