Geneva Motor Show 2014: Top 10 performance stars

For many people who visit a motor show, the highlights won’t be the mundane, every day cars but the high performance exotica. After all, there are very few places where you’ll find such a gathering of impressive machines. Which are the best speed machines at Geneva this year?

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McLaren 650S

McLaren’s P1 hypercar inspired the styling of the 650S, which has the same front-end appearance as its big brother. Walk around the back and it’ll become apparent that this is really a facelifted and tweaked McLaren 12C.

Power is up to 650PS (hence the name) meaning the 650S is quicker from 0-62mph than the 1990s McLaren F1, which at the time was the fastest car in the world. Both coupe and cabriolet versions are available, with deliveries starting in March 2014. 

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