Frankfurt Motor Show 2013: Top 10 British cars at the show

The British motor industry is going through a rennaissance currently, with sales, exports and production numbers on the up. We're also bucking trends as buyers, becuse unlike the rest of Europe, car sales in the UK continue to increase, and are now not far off exceeding pre-Credit Crunch levels in 2008.

The diverse range of manufacturers that bolt cars together in the UK aren't limited to those that wear British nameplates. Companies from across the globe are making huge investment, building cars here, taking advantage of the UK's quality standards, which are among the highest in the world. And here 10 of the best Brits at Frankfurt.

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Infiniti Q30

The Infiniti marque has so far failed to gain traction in Britain, but the Q30 could change all that. It is only a concept car, but from 2015 a derivative of this will be built at Nissan's Washington factory, providing further expansion for the UK's biggest, most productive car factory.


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