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IM Launches Parts Service for Older Subarus and Isuzu Pick-Ups

Published 21 January 2015

As the official importer for Subaru, Isuzu and Great Wall in the UK  IM Group (International Motors) has launched ‘ProParts’: a range of service and upgrade items for Subarus and Isuzus. Available through every IM dealer across the UK, the range offers OEM quality and warranty cover, at highly competitive prices.

Naturally, vehicles still within their warranty periods (Now 5 years on most IM vehicles) will be serviced and maintained with the appropriate OEM parts as normal. What ProParts aims to offer is a range of high-quality, high value service lines to allow dealers to easily rival independent factors and ‘fast-fit’ outlets.

The lines will initially include staples such as exhausts, brake pads and discs, windscreens, batteries, cabin filters and wiper blades, which will be offered at ultra-competitive prices, combined with exceptional warranty coverage - in many cases, exceeding the warranty equivalent aftermarket parts. In each application, all parts have gone through IM’s exhaustive technical procedures, proving them to be able to surpass even stringent OEM quality tests.

Range highlights include:

Brake Pads.  Ferodo pads at competitive prices, exceeding OE standards. Warranty 12 months or 15,000 miles against manufacturing defect.

Brake discs. Both Ferodo and Mintex products will be offered. Again, exceeding OE standards. Non-recycled metal “virgin” iron disc material used in construction for optimum retardation and resistance to warping under high loads. Warranty 2 years against manufacturing defect.

Exhausts. Highest grade, non-magnetic stainless steel. Sporty exhaust note. 10 year warranty with unlimited mileage  against manufacturing defect.

Windscreens.  Made to OE standards by OE manufacturer.  Warranty 12 months against manufacturing defect.  Significantly better value than OEM screens on older vehicles 

Cabin Filters - made to OE standard,  12 months warranty against manufacturing defect.

Wiper Blades.  A fully inclusive “all makes” range, tried and tested in Scandinavia under extreme conditions. High quality and high-value. 12 months warranty against manufacturing defect.

Batteries . The Pro Parts Essential range uses three part numbers. Fit 46% of the UK vehicle market. Competitive prices. 3 year warranty  against manufacturing defect.

In all cases of warranty replacement, labour is included if fitted at a Subaru/Isuzu/Great Wall dealership.

For more information on the ProParts range, please visit your local Subaru or Isuzu Dealer



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